Orthopedic bodywork is precise manual therapy focused on (NON- INVASIVE) scar tissue remodeling in ligament tendon and muscle tissue. Scar tissue is a substitute for the tissue it replaces due to some degree of injury. For various reasons, scar tissue can form like a cotton ball with fibers in all directions with no real organization to them. This poorly formed tissue does not transmit fluid or force well, is vulnerable to repeated injury, and often contributes to persistent patterns of tension and pain throughout the body. Focused and appropriate manual therapy helps scar tissue transform from something like a cotton ball to something more like a handful of straws with fibers, largely going in one direction. This new and improved scar tissue is the closest to the original tissue, and should allow most people to enjoy improved mobility, strength, resistance to injury, and reduced or eliminated scar tissue related pains.

Structural Integration is a systematic method of manual manipulation, of the tissues within us, that dictate both our form and function to create greater ease of breadth and motion from head to toe and skin to bone. Imagine you spent day and night wearing a spandex suit at least, one size too small. Imagine what that would feel like and how that might force you to move differently. You might feel as though you should not, or could not, move at all. Realizing this is not a comfortable or efficient way to live your life, you ask for help. I get a good grip on that spandex suit, I ask you to move in various ways, and together we stretch it out so it fits you properly. Suddenly you feel you have space, you can breath more fully, and you have new options within your body. I like to think of it as giving yourself some “personal space” and literally being more comfortable in your own skin.

Active Isolation Stretching is a focused and effective method for Stretching and strengthening targeted portions of the body. By contracting a muscle on the opposite side of the muscle you aim to stretch and holding the stretch for a very short period of time we are able to sneak a stretch by a tight muscle before it knows what happened. Repetitions of this quickly bring about a positive change in the targeted tissues before they have a chance to get angry.

Any of these modalities has the potential to work wonders on their own. In combination, they complement each other beautifully making the process of attaining and maintaining lasting change much more efficient and effective.