Hip Pain:

As I approach my 70th birthday, I am back to feeling only occasional discomfort and stiffness largely due to Kevin’s techniques. For a number of years I was in pretty constant pain mostly in my right leg and rear end. As I exercised regularly, I assumed it was pulled muscles or ligaments from that. I did physical therapy with no lasting improvement. I finally consulted an orthopedic surgeon who confirmed with X-rays that I needed a full hip replacement. My surgery was scheduled several months out. The doctor said that whatever I could do to stay in good condition would help my recovery so I started working with Kevin 2 1/2 hour sessions a week for about 8 weeks.

I was living on Advil, in pain and walking with a limp. I would park close to any store to minimize walking. I was awake at night trying to find a comfortable position. I felt old.

In my sessions with Kevin, we found that most of the pain was probably from scar tissue in muscles and ligaments instead of referred pain from the hip. I am off Advil, the limp is gone and I am walking three miles a day with delight! I know this may sound like an infomercial but I am thrilled to feel young and active again. I have cancelled the hip surgery although I recognize I might need one at some time in the future.

Kevin’ s approach is thoughtful and professional. His explanations are clear and the assigned follow-up exercises are easy and effective. I am so grateful to Kevin and his skill for helping me make such an enormous change not only in my body but in my approach to living life with energy and without pain!

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“‘I’ve worked with Kevin for a year plus on stretching and body/frame alignment and the results are very good. I ache less and walk better. My hip aches are virtually gone, and when I get some small twinges, Kevin showed me what kinds of stretches can make it go away. Kevin is a consummate professional with the way he works on you. And he’s thoughtful and supportive as well. The process can take some time to get good results, but then you can be done and check in only now and then as needed. It’s not a process which you need to do forever. I recommend him highly.”


Broken wrist:

After I fell and broke my wrist, I was in a cast for five weeks. After the cast came off, I had restricted movement and a fair amount of discomfort and occasional pain. In a few treatments with Kevin, I had greater range of motion, improving from 40% to 90% so far, and I am almost pain-free. I was impressed with Kevin’s expertise, his calming presence and the effectiveness of the treatment. I felt like an active participant in my own healing because Kevin was thorough about explaining the injury and what was needed to return to normal. I would highly recommend him!”  S.M.


“I had run a couple of marathons and was looking forward to running my third.  While training, I must have overdone it because I got to the point where my calf hurt so bad that I had to quit running completely for a couple of months.  When I started up again, the pain came back as bad as ever.  I started working with Kevin and, after the first three sessions, I was able to resume running.  By the end of the 12 weeks, I was able to run completely free of the calf pain.  I’m about two weeks away from running my third marathon.  Thanks, Kevin!”
M. N.