Pasta Water and Scars

A client the other day asked a good question. We were chatting about the poor or dysfunctional scar tissue we were finding in his knees and he asked why does this happen? There are a few factors at play here but i will speak to one of them now. Hydration or lack there of. Most of use have cooked Pasta and I am thinking angel hair in particular. If you are hoping to get a good result in cooking, then having the proper amount of water is vital. This is equally true in healing an injury, be it a strain, sprain, bruise what have you. The Pasta is like the fibers in your muscles, tendons, ligaments and it is able to move easily and freely when there is plenty of water. We get into trouble when too much water cooks off (Dehydration) and then what happens? You end up with a big stuck together mess much like the weak and painful scar tissue that causes most of most peoples issues. So regardless if you are working with me or not, please keep an eye on both the quality and quantity of your water intake. It could be the difference between proper healing and problem healing!

Kevin Moran